August 20, 2019

EP 64. Egg Beaters

Were Back this Week with a new episode and David talks about learning how to swim and we also get into some deep powerlifting talk!


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August 15, 2019

EP 63. Banana Race

Sorry for the wait but here's the meet recap from the meet the boys Brandon and Joshua licup competed in!

July 22, 2019

EP. 61 Fish Stories

We're back this week with another episode and yes David is back!  We get into butt wiping and Fish stories when we were younger! 

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We're Back this week with another episode the guys talk about their 4th of July weekend. Also David had no idea there was an earthquake on Friday. 


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We're back this week with another episode of lifting out loud and David has another cramping story about getting molested. Also we Have our 3x returning guest Sonder Co-owner of OSI Modesto going off on rants.


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We're Back this week talking about how you might be a redneck. Also we talk dirty about pooping our pants and answer your most thoughtful questions


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June 18, 2019

EP. 56 Buy Me Dinner

We're back this week with David talking about having someone pay for his dinner and not put out. also we kind of talk about powerlifting and we get into some questions

June 10, 2019

EP. 55 American Graffiti

We're back this week and were talking about cars, parades and beer that no one drank with David.


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